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Choose your pricing plan

  • Pre Set Functional Golf Fitness Program

    Every month
    • Golf Specific Workouts 4 Days a Week
    • 6 Week Phases
    • Increase Strength, Power, Mobility, Stability & Endurance
  • Functional Golf Custom Program

    Every month
    • Single Online

      1 Workout (able to purchase more than one)
      Valid for one week
      • Live 1 on 1 coaching during workout sessions via Zoom
      • Customized workouts specific to you and your goals
      • More in depth explanations of workouts
      • 45 minute sessions
      • 1 session (expires after a month if not used)
    • Functional Online Pre Set Program

      Every week
      Helping People Reduce their pain, While also creating functional strength to enhance daily living!
      • Workouts Scheduled for 5 Days a week
      • Includes Melt, Mold, Move Programs to help recover & restore
      • Great for Beginners looking to enhance daily movements
      • Workouts Available to go at your own pace
      • Uses Bodyweight and Small equipment
      • Helps create good movement patterns
      • Functionally move better for day to day life
    • Functional Online Customized Program

      Every week
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